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Marta Rubino

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 Marta Rubino
Exit ID:1799
Institution:Bibliotecas escolares de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Work address:Av. Cantilo y La PampaUbicaci�n en Google Maps
City:Buenos Aires
Province:Buenos Aires
Cell phone:54 (011)1565425970
E-mail:the user does not want to display his/her email
Institution site: 
Personal page: 
Personal descriptor:Cuadro de Mando Integral
Subject:Information and knowledge management; Planning and management; Resource evaluation & quality; School library; Statistics information

Contacto: 2005-2024

Gestión: Tomàs Baiget

Desarrollo tecnológico: Josep-Manuel Rodríguez-Gairín

Diseño de interacción: Jorge Franganillo


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